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Vision and Mission

Wayne School District



Personalized Education - Limitless Possibilities!



Wayne School District will work together with the community to build a solid educational foundation
that motivates, energizes and empowers students to accomplish their individualized goals. 


Goal 1 - Educational Team - High Quality Professional Staff: Our staff will be ethical, educated professionals dedicated to the success of each student.

Goal 2 - Culture of Learning - Excited and Engaged Dreamers: Our district will provide an engaging environment for teachers and students, based on relevant curriculum with mutual respect and an emphasis on improvement.

Goal 3 - Resources and Facilities - Ready for Learning: The district will provide state of the art technology, and clean and safe facilities, that are supportive of a culture of learning.

Goal 4 - Positive and Respectful Communication with All - Our community agrees to maintain open lines of communication that are mutually respectful and support learning. 

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