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Back to School Plans

In an effort to return to some semblance of normalcy, Wayne County School District plans to return to school in the fall with students and teachers returning to class for live, in-person instruction.  Steps will be taken to mitigate risk and keep all individuals safe, including, staggered lunch and recess times, adjusted cleaning schedules and protocols, etc., just to name a few.  Details of what this will look like are currently in draft form and will be posted in the near future.  District and school staff will communicate protocols widely through websites, social media, email, etc., once they have been finalized.
WCSD will offer remote learning options for students who are compromised or are not comfortable returning to school.  These options may include participation through videoed lessons from the student’s teacher, accessed via Canvas, online software delivery such as Edgenuity or Odysseyware or a combination of both Canvas and Edgenuity.  WCSD is committed to providing a positive, enriching education experience regardless of circumstances.  
WCSD will comply with any applicable state or county mandates requiring face coverings in schools.  Per state requirements, faculty and staff will wear face coverings (e.g., masks and/or shields) when physical distancing is not feasible.  Every student will be expected to have a mask and may be required to wear it in some circumstances;  for example, between classes, walking to the cafeteria, riding the bus, coming into the building, at times in certain classes, etc.  A mask will be provided for students and staff at school, however, students/staff are encouraged to bring a clean mask daily from home.  Schools will have a limited supply of disposable face masks available.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your building principal or the school district office if you have questions or concerns regarding returning to school this Fall.  
Let’s all work together to make this a great year for our students!
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